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The Best Last Minute Pet Christmas Gifts

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Author: Craig Gibson

Pet lover and Perfect Pet blogger!

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Has your pet made it onto Santa’s good list this year? Of course, they have! With Christmas now just around the corner, there is no better time to treat your furry four-legged friend to a well-earned Christmas gift!

P.S. if you have left it late, don’t worry, as here you will find all the inspiration you need for some great last-minute pet gifts.

If you are reading this in December 2022, you are in luck, as there is a good chance that you can also enter our 12 Days of Christmas competition to win many of these great gifts!

Wickenhambreaux Snoozeworthy Dog Bed

Devine Pets are one of the leading providers of premium pet products for dogs and cats, with a great Christmas pet product range.

For dogs, we think that their luxury Wickenhambreaux Snoozeworthy Dog Bed which is Handmade in England and accredited by Made in Britain®, will guarantee sweet dreams for dogs everywhere!

The super comfy dog bed comes in various sizes and is handmade in luxury upholstery velvet with reversible cherry print cotton.

Wickenhambreaux Snoozeworthy Dog Bed

Pet Food Subscription

Why give just one gift when your dog or cat could benefit from a natural all year round, nutritious pet food subscription service?

The Harringtons subscription gives pet parents everywhere one less thing to worry about, with a delicious and nutritious pet food box delivered directly to your door every month.

With the subscription, you can choose from the entire Harringtons range of pet food for dogs and cats, and you can even save an exclusive 15% discount when you subscribe.

Pet food from Harringtons

Burrower Dog Bed

We love the Burrower Dog Bed from rucomfy. The ‘Burrower’ bed blanket was thoughtfully designed for some breeds that are well-known for burrowing, although this luxury comfy dog bed is suitable for many breeds and comes in large and medium.

Burrower dog bed from RU Comfy

Dog Training

Now for a gift from which you and your pooch can benefit from. Niki French is an award-winning UK-based dog trainer who can help you form a stronger bond with your dog through her simple, fun, transformational 1-2-1 dog training.

Niki founded PupTalk, which offers a range of brilliant online courses, a truly great Christmas gift alternative for any dog lover.

Pet Fountains

PetSafe have a wide variety of pet toys for dogs and cats of all ages. From puppy toys to cat toys, enrichment toys, and even treat dispensing toys, you will be sure to find something for your four-legged friend. 

This year we particularly like the range of Drinkwell® Pet Fountains, which is a proven fun way to help keep your dog or cat hydrated. 

PetSafe water fountains for dogs and cats.

Rubber & Rope Dog Toys

Jolley’s offers a wide variety of pet toys and food for dogs and cats of all ages.

The Jolley’s range of rubber and rope dog toys could make the perfect gift for your pooch, satisfying their need to play while promoting good oral hygiene in equal measure. 

The range of rope toys on offer are incredibly durable, making this a good long-term investment for any dog lover. 

Rope dog toy from the pet people Jolley's

A Delightful Dog Bundle

Santa paws has arrived at Doodlebone, one of the funkiest pet accessories brands offering a huge range of products all designed in the UK. 

Why not wish your dog a very merry woofmas with the Doodlebone bundle, which includes 1 x Snappy Harness, 1 x Collar, 1 x Lead, 1 x 120 Poop bags box & 3 x treats. Plus for a limited time, only you can save 25% with code XMAS25.

Bamboo Grooming Gifts

As it turns out, bamboo is not just for pandas; Mikki Pet offers a range of planet-friendly sustainable dog and cat grooming products!

Better still, their pet grooming range is all handmade, making this the perfect gift for any dog or cat, while being friendly to the environment. 

Bamboo pet grooming products.

A Pet DNA Test

Ever wanted to know your dog’s true breed or combination of breeds? Well, now you can learn all of this and more, including your dog’s true genetic age, and allergies all from a simple swab sample!

Ready to find out more about your pooch? A dog DNA test may hold all the answers. 

Dog Chews

Since 1955, Nylabone has been making the world’s best dog chew toys, long-lasting edible chews, and dental solutions for dogs of every age, breed, shape, and size.

Nylabone knows that every dog is different, and so are their needs and that’s why they make a wide variety of chewing solutions in a choice of flavours, shapes, sizes, and textures for every kind of dog and chewing strength.

Nylabone dog chew toys

Luxury Cat Beds

Mikki Pet have been lovingly creating pet products since 1980. Today they offer a range of pet products for dogs and cats, including bedding and coats.

We particularly like their Luxury Cat Snoozer, which is available at a range of online and in-store retailers.

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