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Cat Insurance

Introducing a cat to your home can be a rewarding experience that marks the start of a long and loving relationship. Whether it’s the calming effect stroking their velvety soft fur produces, the comical antics they get up to, or the opportunity to teach your children to care for an animal that appeals, cats offer a number of benefits to their owners. So, it follows you’ll want to return the favour, and make your pet’s health and well-being a top priority with the right UK cat insurance plan.

Whether you bring up your feline friend as a house cat or give it the run of the neighbourhood, the innate curiosity and inquisitive nature of cats can, unfortunately, lead them to get into scrapes. Also, despite all your care and best efforts, you can never predict when an illness might develop. Without cat health insurance, owners might find it a struggle to meet expensive vet bills – a distressing concern during an already difficult time.

Purchasing the best cat insurance policy could help to cover the costs if your beloved pet falls sick or has an accident, but the wide array of policies out there can be somewhat overwhelming. Perfect Pet Insurance aims to make choosing the right cover for your pet as simple as possible. From Accident Only policies to Lifetime Cat Insurance plans, you’ll find everything you need to provide cover for your cat, right here on our website.

WOW! 10%* Multi-Pet Discount Terms apply*

Cat insurance cost

Cheap pet insurance for cats doesn’t necessarily mean the best. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect plan to suit your budget. We can cover you for up to £4,000 in vet’s fees, up to £1,000 in advertising and reward costs should your pet go missing, and up to £1,000 in holiday cover should you have to cancel your trip due to your cat needing emergency treatment.

To find cat pet insurance for your specific needs, explore our plans and get some quick cat insurance quotes today!

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