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Pet insurance for kittens

Welcoming a curious and equally energetic kitten to the family and into your home is undoubtedly an exciting time. It’s also the ideal opportunity to think about kitten insurance. Your little bundle is likely to have a strong desire to explore its surroundings, and as much as you may try to protect your kitten from harm, accidents can and do happen! Having cover in place can help you afford unexpected and large vets bills should your kitten have an accident or develop an illness. What’s more, they will get the care they deserve!

Cover available from 4 weeks old

No Upper age limit

97% of claims paid in just 5 working days

Over 20 years’ experience in pet insurance

Value for money kitten insurance plans

From Accidents Only to more comprehensive coverage for chronic health conditions that can develop as your kitten grows, there’s sure to be a plan to suit you and your kitten’s needs. It’s worth knowing that we don’t put a limit on the number of conditions you can claim for only a limit on the amount you can claim per condition, and our excess at £90 per claim, is one of the lowest around!

Get cover up to £4,000 per condition with NO LIMIT on the number on the number of conditions you can claim for.
T&Cs apply.

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“Had one cat insured for 2 years, got our new kitten insured as well, good deal for multiple animals.”


How much does kitten insurance cost?

The more coverage you require for your kitten, the higher the premium is likely to be. However, there is no one size fits all when it comes to cat insurance and there are several factors that impact the cost of insurance for kittens. When getting a kitten insurance quote with us, we will take into consideration your cat's age, any health conditions that your type of kitten is prone to, and the cost of vet treatment in the area that you and your Kitten reside. This allows us to tailor quotes to protect your young cat during the early stages of its life. Based on your insurance requirements, we will provide quotes for policy types that meet you and your kitten's needs.

Want more clarity around insuring your specific breed of dog?

We might just have the guide for you!

What types of kitten insurance can I get?

We believe every kitten deserves protection and we want to help as many kitten owners as possible to afford cover. This is why we have created four different types of cat insurance.

Our Lifetime policies Elite an Elite Extra (also known as Reinstatement Cover) are our most comprehensive pet insurance plans. This type of cover is designed for kitten owners wanting lifelong protection for chronic health conditions that their cat may develop.

Our Maximum Benefit policies Elite and Elite Extra and Time Limited policies, Essential and Essential Extra, are designed for pet owners wanting to insure their pet for acute and short-term conditions.

Our lowest priced kitten insurance plan is Accident Only. This cover is limited to accidental injuries only and Illness is not included.

Explore our policy types in a more depth by clicking on the links below:

Insurance Plan

Lifetime Cover

You can claim year after year for each illness or accident your pet develops, providing you renew annually with no break in cover.

Insurance Plan

Max Benefit

Protect your pet against injuries and illness up to a pre-set limit with no time restriction, providing the policy is active.

Insurance Plan

Time Limited

Cover your pet for injuries and illness for a limited period up to 365 days.

Insurance Plan

Accident Only

Insure your pet against injuries and complications arising from accidents only.

Choosing the best pet insurance for kittens

Like most insurance products, the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best. When choosing a pet insurance plan, it’s important to weight up the cover benefits and limits to ensure you make the right decision for your kitten, budget and circumstance. Often, cheap quotes indicate a low level of cover or a high excess i.e., the amount you would have to pay towards a claim. This is something to bear in mind, particularly when doing an online comparisons for kitten insurance.

As well as cover for illness and accidents, our Lifetime, Maximum Benefit and Time Limit policies include cover for other lots of eventualities that could put you out of pocket as a dog owner.

Below is a breakdown of our cover benefits and how they work:

Cover for accidents and illness

Is the cover enough to protect my kitten against vet bills for illness and accidents? Your kitten's breed, the ailments it’s prone to and the costs to treat should factor into your decision on the level of cover you opt for. Our policies do not have a limit of the number of conditions you can claim for, providing a policy is in force. Instead, we apply a limit on the amount you can claim per condition. Terms and conditions and other benefits included will vary depending on the policy type you choose.

Benefit limit for vet fees and complimentary treatment per condition

LifetimeMaximum BenefitTime LimitedAccident Only
EliteElite ExtraVitalVital ExtraEssentialEssential Extra*Accident Only
Up to £1,000Up to £4,000Up to £1,000Up to £4,000Up to £1,000Up to £2,500Up to £1,000

Cover for pre-existing medical conditions is not included.

*Accident Only covers vet fees relating to accidental injuries only. Claims relating to illness are excluded.

Kitten theft and straying insurance

Sadly, Kitten theft is a thing! We offer cover for lost and stolen cats with all policies except for ‘Accident Only’. This covers expenses for local advertising and rewards offered for your pet’s return. Should the unthinkable happen and your cat is still missing after 45 days (during the period of insurance), we will pay a contribution to the original price you paid for your cat, providing they are under 8 years at the time of disappearance, up to your policy’s limit. Terms and conditions apply.

Benefit limit for theft and straying

LifetimeMaximum BenefitTime Limited
EliteElite ExtraVitalVital ExtraEssentialEssential Extra
Up to £500Up to £1000Up to £500Up to £750Up to £250Up to £500
Holiday cancellation cover

Having to cancel a holiday because your cat needs emergency medical treatment is unlikely to be covered by standard travel insurance. Taking this into consideration, we’ve incorporated holiday cancellation cover into our cat insurance policies (excluding Accident Only). This benefit applies to pre-booked holidays for more than three nights outside of the UK. The cover is for the named policy holder only and covers costs incurred to cancel the trip, up to the policy’s limit. Terms and Conditions apply.

Benefit limit for holiday cancellation per claim

LifetimeMaximum BenefitTime Limited
EliteElite ExtraVitalVital ExtraEssentialEssential Extra
Up to £500Up to £1,000Up to £500Up to £750Up to £250Up to £500
Overseas holiday cover

When on holiday in qualified countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) listed by the UK Government’s Pet Travel Scheme (“PETS”), our policies provide security and peace of mind. In the event your cat needs emergency treatment because of an accidental injury or an unforeseen illness, you can claim for necessary vet fees, up to the policy limit. Terms and Conditions apply.

Benefit limit for overseas vet bills per claim

LifetimeMaximum BenefitTime Limited
EliteElite ExtraVitalVital ExtraEssentialEssential Extra
Up to £500Up to £1,000Up to £500Up to £750Up to £250Up to £500
Cover for accidental death

In the awful event that your cat dies or must be put to sleep because of an illness or accident, we will pay a contribution to the cat’s original purchase or donation price, up to your policy’s limit, if your cat is under 8 years old at the time of death. This cover is available with all but our Accident Only cat policies. Terms and Conditions apply.

Benefit limit for death from illness or accidental Injury

LifetimeMaximum BenefitTime Limited
EliteElite ExtraVitalVital ExtraEssentialEssential Extra
Up to £500Up to £1,000Up to £500Up to £750Up to £250Up to £500

No need to stress, we can pay your vet direct

We can pay your vet direct, giving you one less thing to worry about during what can be an anxious time. If your vet accepts direct payment, we can deposit funds straight into their account, saving you the worry of having to find money to pay large vet bills.

*Subject to claim approval

What you need to know about our kitten insurance

We’ve highlighted some points that we think are important to know. However, if you have a question that we haven’t answered, please visit our Help and Contact section.

Paying for your policy

You can pay for your policy annually in full, or by monthly direct debit.

How to make a claim

Simply download a claim form from our ‘Make a Claim’ page. Complete and send back to us either by email or post.

Policy excess

An excess of £90 per condition applies. This will be stated on your Policy Schedule. The excess amount will be deducted when making a claim. This applies to all sections of the policy, and is payable each time your policy renews.


To help keep our premiums competitive for older cats, a 15% contribution towards vet bills is required on every claim, in addition to the excess, for cats that are 10 years or older. At 15% our co-payment amount is one of the lowest around!

Policy renewal

We will notify you 21 days before your policy expires. If you are happy with your renewal premium and have agreed to Continuous Payment Authority (CPA), you do not need to take any action. Your policy will renew automatically unless you tell us otherwise.

What’s not covered

• Pre-existing medical conditions and symptoms that existed before a policy is purchased
• Illnesses that occur within 14 days of a policy being taken out
• Accidents that occur with 5 days of a policy being taken out
• Dental and oral treatment (unless a result of an accident)
• Routine treatment such as vaccinations, castration, flea and worming
• Any complications or treatment relating to pregnancy

Policy terms and conditions vary. Please read the wording of the specific policy you intend to purchase for full terms and conditions.

Multi-Pet discount

Save when buying Lifetime, Maximum Benefit or Time Limited cover for more than one pet. If you have multiple cats and maybe dogs too, add them when getting a quote to receive a 15% discount.

*Policies must be purchased direct and at the same time. Accident Only and Third Party Liability Only policies are excluded from the multi-pet discount offer.