Pet Insurance
For Older Cats

Insurance plans with no age limit designed to protect cats in their senior years of life

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Insuring your older cat

Just like us, as cats get older, they, unfortunately, become more susceptible to illness and even injuries. Older pets may also understandably require more aftercare and time to recover from an accident too.

As a proud pet owner, we understand you want your cat to get the best possible care should they develop a medical condition or have an accident. With older cat insurance from Perfect Pet we can help to cover costly vet bills in an emergency. This can help to at least take care of the financial burden, giving you one less thing to worry about as your cat recovers.

Cover available from 4 weeks old

No Upper age limit

97% of claims paid in just 5 working days

Over 20 years’ experience in pet insurance

Older cat insurance with no upper age limit

Many pet insurers do not provide cover for cats once they reach a certain age, which we don’t think is fair. We believe that all pets deserve protection and cover! That’s why we have no upper age limits; we know your cat is family and has a right to be protected. Our range of older cat insurance plans are tailored to accommodate the needs of older cats, and of course, suit varying budgets.

Get cover up to £4,000 per condition with NO LIMIT on the number on the number of conditions you can claim for.
T&Cs apply.

What types of older cat insurance can I get?

We know that no two cats are the same, that’s why we provide a variety of older cat insurance plans with varying levels of cover, benefits, and limits to suit your budget and the needs of your cat. When you get an older cat insurance quote from us, we will consider your cat’s age and breed, along with your cats often unique insurance requirements. We strive to be completely transparent and will present you with all the relevant information to help you choose the most suitable insurance plan for your older cat.
Insurance Plan

Lifetime Cover

You can claim year after year for each illness or accident your pet develops, providing you renew annually with no break in cover.

Insurance Plan

Max Benefit

Protect your pet against injuries and illness up to a pre-set limit with no time restriction, providing the policy is active.

Insurance Plan

Time Limited

Cover your pet for injuries and illness for a limited period up to 365 days.

Insurance Plan

Accident Only

Insure your pet against injuries and complications arising from accidents only.

We can pay
your vet direct

We understand that in the unfortunate event that your cat has an illness or accident that this can be an anxious and stressful time. However, if your vet accepts direct payment, then we can pay your vet bills directly, which at the very least gives you one less thing to worry about.

Subject to claim approval

Things you should know about
older cat insurance

We feel that it’s right that we highlight the key relevant terms that you need to know when buying older cat insurance online through Perfect Pet. Here’s what we think you should know:

New Customers

New Customers

When taking out a Perfect Pet policy for the first time, a 14-day waiting period at the start of your policy will apply. This means that any diagnosed illnesses or noted symptoms made during this period will not be covered. Cover for accidents will become active after 5 days.

Policy Renewal

Policy Renewal

When you renew your Perfect Pet insurance policy, providing you do not have a break in cover, you will not be subject to any waiting periods and will have continuous cover. We will remind you 21 days before your policy expires. If you’ve agreed to Continuous Payment Authority (CPA), we will renew your policy automatically unless you tell us otherwise. Please be aware, as a cat gets older, insurance premiums may increase to accommodate the risk of age-related illness.



To help keep our premiums affordable for senior cats, when your cat is 10 years or older, a contribution towards each vet bill is payable, known as a co-payment. The co-payment amount is 15% in addition to any applicable excess, which will be deducted from the policy limit. At 15% our co-payment is one of the lowest around!

Policy Exclusions

Policy Exclusions

Any conditions or symptoms that existed before taking out a Perfect Pet policy are excluded from the cover. This exclusion also applies to conditions that develop and are related in any way to a pre-existing condition. Dental and oral treatment, unless caused by an accidental injury is also not covered. A full list of exclusions can be found in our policy wordings.

Policy terms and conditions vary. Please read the wording of the specific policy you intend to purchase for full terms and conditions.

Great value

“Easy to deal with, great value and amazing plans to choose from, highly recommended.”

Linda Williams

Multi-Pet discount

Save when buying Lifetime, Maximum Benefit or Time Limited cover for more than one pet. If you have cats and perhaps dogs too, add them when getting a quote to receive a 15% discount.

*Policies must be purchased direct and at the same time. Accident Only and Third Party Liability Only policies are excluded from the multi-pet discount offer.