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Why Dog Owners Choose Perfect Pet Dog Insurance

Vet fee cover for unlimited conditions, low excess rates and quick claims turnaround times are just some of the reasons why so many dog owners throughout the UK choose to join the Perfect Pet family!

When it comes to protecting your loveable furbaby, the last thing you want is to have to choose between their well-being and your financial stability should they become unwell. The good news is that our affordable dog insurance plans are designed to cater for those unexpected and often unaffordable vet bills, so that your dog can have the best possible care when they need it most.

  • NO LIMIT on the number of conditions that can be claimed for
  • Up to £5,000 vet fee cover PER CONDITION with our Elite Extra Plus Lifetime policy
  • Access FREE vet support when you’re worried about your dog
  • 97% of claims paid in just 5 days!
  • At £90 our excess rate is one of the lowest around
  • No hidden fees – pay monthly at no extra cost
  • We can pay your vet direct, so you don’t have to fund big bills upfront
  • No age limit for senior dogs
  • Access to 100s of money saving offers from leading retailers

How Much Cover Does My Dog Need?

Every dog is different and vet costs vary across the UK! So, when getting a dog insurance quote and considering the level of cover to buy, it’s well worth researching the medical conditions that your breed of dog might be prone to, along with vets costs in the area you live.

Being specialist dog insurance providers and having insured lots of different types of dogs, we’re very aware of the medical conditions associated with different breeds and the treatment costs involved. This is why we offer a range of policies with various limits, so that you can choose cover that not only meets your dog’s individual needs but your budget too.

From small dog pet insurance to medium and large dog insurance, Perfect Pet policies are designed to protect both your pet and your pocket.

Types of Dog Insurance

Whether you’re looking to protect your dog for the long-term with one of our comprehensive Lifetime dog insurance policies or a basic Accident Only policy for those unexpected mishaps, we have a plan to suit your budget.

Our policies can cover puppies from 4 weeks old with no upper age limit for senior dogs.

Insurance Plan

Lifetime Cover

You can claim year after year for each illness or accident your pet develops, providing you renew annually with no break in cover.

Insurance Plan

Max Benefit

Protect your pet against injuries and illness up to a pre-set limit with no time restriction, providing the policy is active.

Insurance Plan

Time Limited

Cover your pet for injuries and illness for a limited period up to 365 days.

Insurance Plan

Accident Only

Insure your pet against injuries and complications arising from accidents only.

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Dog Insurance for

Give your puppy the best start with a Perfect Pet policy. We offer a range of cover limits and policy options designed for playful puppies from just four weeks old.
Puppy Insurance

Older Dogs

Dog Insurance for
Older Dogs

We have no upper age limit when it comes to insuring senior dogs. Find out everything you need to know about protecting your old friend with a perfect Pet policy.
Older Dog Insurance

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“Perfect Pet was excellent at dealing with my claim. Customer service team was fabulous and very helpful. Easy to get in contact with and explained everything very clearly. Highly recommend Perfect Pet to all friends and family. Thank you”


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“Really easy process to buy pet insurance and much cheaper than our current insurer for our dog. Online process really easy to manage and documents arrived quickly via email”


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“Just insured my 2 dogs and the price was unbelievable. Straight forward process and I know to my cost previously, not having insurance cost me a lot of money”


Is Insurance For My Dog Worth It?

As much as we try and protect our dogs and avoid emergency visits to the vet, accidents and illnesses can still happen. Unfortunately, treatment for these incidents can be costly, often running into hundreds or even thousands of pounds. For instance, our average recorded claim cost of treating a fractured bone in a puppy is *over £1,700. To afford treatment for this one condition, you would need to save around £50 a month for three years.

Without good dog insurance coverage, you may find yourself in a difficult position if unexpected health issues arise and your savings are insufficient to cover the costs. This could result in having to find funds and potentially delaying vital treatment for your much loved furry family member.

*Average claims cost of £1,733.98 to treat a fractured bone in dogs up to 12 months of age was collected from Perfect Pet insurance claims data between January 2021 and January 2022

Vet Lizzie Says…

If you were faced with the average vet bill today for your canine companion, would you be able to cover it?

In my career as a veterinary surgeon, I’ve met so many wonderful dogs and their dedicated, loving owners. Sadly, it is not uncommon for financial constraints to get in the way of recommended or optimal veterinary treatment and I have experienced many cases where money concerns have clouded medical decisions with an additional layer of worry and stress.

Vets really do care about both pets and people, and will always work with pet owners to find a treatment or management plan that works for everyone, but there is no escaping the fact that medical care for pets is expensive.

Dr Lizzie Youens

Perfect Pet
Vet Content Contributor

We’ve Got You and Your Dog Covered In More Ways Than You Might Think!

Naturally, you’ll be seeking the best value dog insurance that you can find. As well as vet fee cover for an unlimited number of conditions, Perfect Pet policies are packed with lots of other benefits, including dog theft insurance, dog liability insurance also known as third-party dog insurance, emergency boarding cover and lots more. Take a look below to see some of the other key benefits we include:

Dog Emergency Boarding Cover

Should you face an unforeseen stay in hospital for more than 4 consecutive nights and have no way of caring for your dog, our policies (excluding Accident Only and Third Party Liability Only) cover the costs of boarding your pet in a licensed boarding kennel or pet minding business. Terms and Conditions apply.

Dog Liability Cover

If your dog causes injury or damage to a person or their property, our policies (excluding Accident Only) provide protection against damages and legal costs if your dog is found to be at fault. We will also pay if someone you have asked to look after your dog, who is not family and who you are not paying, is caring for your dog when the injury or damage occurs, up to your policy’s limit. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Dog Theft & Straying Cover

Sadly, dog theft is a thing! We offer cover for lost and stolen dogs with all policies (excluding Accident Only and Third Party Liability Only). This covers expenses for local advertising and rewards offered for your pet’s return. Should the unthinkable happen and your dog is still missing after 45 days (during the period of insurance), we will pay a contribution to the original price you paid for your dog, providing they are under 8 years old at the time of disappearance, up to your policy’s limit. Terms and Conditions apply.

Holiday Cancellation Cover

Having to cancel a holiday because your dog needs emergency medical treatment is unlikely to be covered by standard travel insurance. Taking this into consideration, we’ve incorporated holiday cancellation cover into our dog insurance policies (excluding Accident Only and Third Party Liability Only). This benefit applies to pre-booked holidays for more than three nights outside of the UK. The cover is for the named policyholder only and covers costs incurred to cancel the trip, up to the policy’s limit. Terms and Conditions apply

Overseas Holiday Cover

When on holiday in qualified countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) listed by the UK Government’s Pet Travel Scheme (“PETS”), our policies provide security and peace of mind. In the event your dog needs emergency treatment because of an accidental injury or an unforeseen illness, you can claim for necessary vet fees up to your policy’s limit. Terms and Conditions apply.

Dog Accidental Death Cover

In the awful event that your dog dies or must be put to sleep because of an illness or accident, we will pay a contribution to your dog’s original purchase donation price up to the policy’s limit, if your dog is under 8 years old at the time of death. This cover is available with all but our Accident Only and Third Party Liability Only policies.

Things That Affect The Cost Of Dog Insurance

1. Breed of Dog

We ask you to tell us the breed of your dog so that the cover and premium we offer accounts for any breed specific ailments that your dog may be prone to. For instance, Pugs and French Bulldogs can be prone to breathing difficulties, while Labradors and larger breeds can suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia. Typically, cross-breeds are less likely to be affected by hereditary illnesses, which means insurance quotes are likely to be cheaper than that of pedigrees.

Discover more about insurance for your specific breed of dog

2. Age of Dog

Just like us humans, when a dog reaches its senior years, they are more likely to develop age related illnesses, like arthritis and joint problems. Recovery from accidental injuries may also take longer to heal and require more complex treatment plans. For these reasons, insurance for older dogs can cost more than that of younger dogs. However, we do our utmost to keep dog insurance costs competitive and affordable for all ages.

Learn more about our insurance for older dogs

3. Where You Live

Veterinary rates across the UK can vary and are often influenced by the economic affluence of the region where a practice is situated. For instance, veterinary services in London typically command higher fees compared to those in the North East. At Perfect Pet, our priority is to provide you with the most appropriate level of coverage for veterinary costs, taking into account the specific area where you reside and where your dog will receive treatment. This is why we consider your postcode as a crucial factor when generating a dog insurance quote.

Read more about vet fees for dogs

Not all policies are equal.

The above factors along with the level of cover offered will be reflected in the premium when you compare dog insurance quotes. For this reason, it’s important to weigh up the policy benefits, not only to ensure you get value for money, but that the cover is suitable. Like with all insurance, the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best!

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What Our Dog Insurance Policies
Do Not Cover

It’s in the small print but we think it important to highlight policy exclusions as well as benefits, so that you know how you stand when you insure your dog with Perfect Pet.

Please note that our policies do not cover the following:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions and symptoms that existed before a policy is purchased
  • Ilnesses that occur within 14 days of a policy being taken out
  • Accidents that occur with 5 days of a policy being taken out
  • Dental and oral treatment (unless as a result of an accident)
  • Routine treatment such as vaccinations, castration, flea and worming
  • Any complications or treatment relating to pregnancy

Please read our policy wording for full terms and conditions

Insurance For Dogs FAQs

How does dog insurance work when switching to Perfect Pet from another insurer?

It’s easy to buy dog cover with Perfect Pet, you will however, need to let your current insurer know that you wish to cancel your existing policy, because having more than one active pet insurance policy can become complicated should you need to make a claim. There will be a 5-day waiting period before your Perfect Pet policy will cover accidental injuries, and a 14-day waiting period for illnesses and all other sections of cover. Please note, any existing medical conditions or symptoms that occurred before taking out a Perfect Pet policy will not be covered.

Is there an age limit for senior dogs?

Not with us! We think all pets need protection regardless of age, so no, we don’t have an upper age limit for older dogs. To help keep premiums competitive for senior dogs, when a dog is 8 years or older, a contribution towards each vet bill is payable, known as a co-payment. The co-payment amount is 15% in addition to any applicable excess, which will be deducted from the policy limit. At 15% our co-payment amount is one of the lowest around!

What age should you insure a puppy?

The earlier you buy puppy insurance, the sooner your new addition will be protected. We cover puppies as early as 4 weeks old.

If my dog develops a medical condition will it be covered in the future?

This depends on the type of policy you purchase. Our Lifetime dog insurance policies, Elite, Elite Extra and Elite Extra Plus, provide on-going cover for medical conditions that develop while the policy is active. This is providing there is no link to any conditions or symptoms that existed before you took out the policy with us.

Can I upgrade my dog’s insurance policy?

You are able to upgrade a Perfect Pet policy within 14 days on either side of your policy renewal date or within the 14-day waiting period after you initially take out a policy. If you upgrade your policy, a 14-day waiting period will automatically apply to all sections of your policy. The increased benefit limit will not apply to any claim for veterinary fees or overseas holiday cover where the condition, clinical signs, symptoms, or treatments started before the upgrade date. For all other sections of cover, the increased benefit limits will not apply to any claim that occurred before the upgrade date. To upgrade your pet insurance policy, please contact us

How do I make a dog insurance claim?

Making a claim is easy, simply head to our claims page on this website and download a form, complete the fields required, which your vet can help you with, and then send back to us for review.