How Pet Insurance Premiums are Calculated

When looking at premiums, Perfect Pet Insurance take several factors into consideration such as the age and breed of your pet, the location in which the pet resides, along with any claim’s history.

Each factor is looked at within a different risk group. Perfect Pet Insurance are always reviewing premiums and looking at data to ensure the premiums calculated are competitive and affordable for our policy holders.

Lets take a little look into some the factors we base your pets premiums on…..

Age of your pet

Perfect Pet Insurance Offer Insurance for a pet at any age group, this is one of the benefits of insuring through us as you can insure your pet at any time after 4 weeks.

When looking at the age of your pet, the older your pet is the more likely they are to get health issues, whereas a puppy who is less likely to become unwell may be at a lower cost.

Breed of your pet

At Perfect Pet Insurance we cover a variety of breeds from Jack Russell Terriers to Great Danes. If your chosen pet is a breed that is more likely to suffer from health issues, this could be something that would put your policy at a higher premium.

The size of your pet can also impact the cost of your vet fee’s, the bigger your pet the higher the vet bill. Therefore, this is another factor taken into consideration when deciding the premiums on the account.


Location is a key component when reviewing our premiums. If the area you live in is quiet village with a local vet that has low vet fee’s, this is likely to be a different premium from a pet that lives in an area that has higher vet fee’s or is a higher risk location of incidents happening.

Claims History

When renewing a policy, we all are aware that any claims history could impact a premium. Whilst a premium could increase, by staying with Perfect Pet Insurance you would have no lapse in cover and could potentially be covered year after year depending on the type of policy you opt for.