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3 Expert Tips For Dog Safety At Your Next BBQ

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Author: Craig Gibson

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Everyone loves a summer BBQ, but pet owners need to be careful of their dogs’ safety. Barbecues can pose various risks to our furry friends. We asked our expert vet, Dr Lizzie, for her top tips on keeping pets safe around barbecues this summer, and here’s what she had to say:

Hot coals (and hot food!) can cause burns, so keep dogs well away from barbecue equipment when lit until completely cool. Smoke from the grill can also irritate dogs’ lungs – especially those with narrow airways such as brachycephalics.

Barbecue food is often fatty and rich, which can upset dogs’ stomachs, and some scraps such as the core from a corn on the cob, or a kebab skewer, can cause serious intestinal damage and obstruction.

Adorable little girl and her mother playing with dog while father barbecuing behind them in the backyard

Here are Dr Lizzie’s three top tips for barbecuing safely around pets

1. Cordon off the barbecue

It’s easy to get distracted when having a summer BBQ! Keep the barbecue barricaded off from curious paws and noses, with lighter fluid and matches well out of reach. Never leave pets unsupervised in a garden with a lit or cooling barbecue.

2. Watch the scraps

Even a few titbits from your plate can be enough to cause an upset tummy. There are also plenty of human foods which are toxic to dogs, such as garlic, chocolate, and alcohol. Occupy your pooch with a new toy or tasty chew as their own treat, and keep human foods well out of reach.

3. Keep pets cool

Everyone knows that barbeque food tastes better in the sun, but take a minute when planning your summery treat to provide for your pup. Make sure they have access to cool spaces, shaded areas, and plenty of water. Apply sun cream to vulnerable areas and watch closely for any signs of discomfort. Paddling pools can also be great for outdoor cooling, but it’s always best to supervise your pup while they paddle!

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