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5 Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat

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Author: Craig Gibson

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Take it from me: adopting a black cat can be an incredibly rewarding experience, guaranteeing you a furry-loving companion. 

In March of this year, we took the plunge and visited Cats Protection, one of a handful of great charities where you can adopt a cat in the UK. It was here we found and adopted our very own black cat Max and it was one of the best decisions we as a family ever made. 

Based on my experience, here are five reasons you should consider adopting a black cat! 


Sadly, with so many outdated black cat myths and superstitions, black cats typically take longer to be rehomed than any other cat. This was one of the reasons why, as a family, we were so eager to adopt Max.

A Loving Family Member

While, of course, all cats are different. We have found Max to be great with children, and he has adjusted quickly and brilliantly to our family home, becoming a loved and adored family member.

Low Maintenance 

With a young family myself, my kids were insistent that we should adopt a dog. However, while we would love a dog, with our busy family life, school runs, and countless after-school activities, we felt that adopting a cat would be more suited to our busy lifestyle. 

Of course, we ensure that Max is cared for and loved unconditionally; from our experience, cats can be generally lower maintenance.  

A Chance to Learn

With Max being our first black cat, we as a family have had a lot to learn about feline friends. There has been much to learn, from grooming to understanding a cat’s body language and everything in between! 

Learning about cats has been a fun and enriching experience, which can be done together as a family.

No Halloween Costume Required

While dog owners may be considering costumes ahead of having a dog-friendly Halloween, with black cats, they are already wearing their ‘spooky’ black fur all year round, so they are ready to shine come Halloween! 

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