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Dog Training: Why Train Your Dog?

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Author: Craig Gibson

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Do you have a problem controlling your dog? Is your pooch’s bad behaviour off the chart? Perhaps your lockdown pup’s lack of socialisation is coming back to haunt you?

You’re not alone!

Figures from the RSPCA show that animal intake is up year on year, with stressed owners not knowing where else to turn.

But more often than not, the problem doesn’t lie with your pet.

Training is the key to unlocking a happier future for you and your dog – but how do you find an approach that works for you? And how do you fit that training into your busy lifestyle?

We’ve got all the answers below!

18,000 handover requests this year alone

The latest survey from the Dogs Trust shows more first-time and inexperienced owners are turning their backs on their poorly behaved pups. But these behavioural problems don’t lie with the breeds – they’re down to a lack of proper training and socialisation early on. Whether it was a lack of socialisation during lockdown or separation anxiety following the ‘great office return’ that’s to blame, families are saying goodbye to their four-legged friends without really getting to the root of the issue. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The consequences of poor dog training – a problem you can’t ignore

The number of dog attacks recorded by UK police has risen 34% in the last five years, despite the dog population rising just 15% in that period. In 2022, Royal Mail recorded almost 2,000 dog attacks on postal workers, up 14% on the previous year. Farmers have also reported an uptick in sheep worrying, with 70% saying it has been a problem in the last 12 months.

A dog attack can lead to police involvement and potentially criminal charges, as well as a compensation claim. The dog may be confiscated or even put to sleep. At the very least, you will experience distress and good quality pet insurance will become harder to find.

Of course, most unwanted dog behaviours are in the ‘annoying’ rather than ‘dangerous’ category. We’re talking about things like:

– Toileting problems
– Walking and lead issues
– Nipping and mouthing
– Trying to escape
– Anxiety

Think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Think again!

Why train your dog?

Dogs love to be trained. They like having boundaries and knowing their place in the pack.

Proper dog training means a happier life for everyone. It will help to:

– Increase the bond between you
– Reduce stress at home for you and your family
– Reduce the risk of attacks or damage, inside and outside the home

The gentle approach to dog training that works

“Many owners we speak to tell us that they’ve ‘tried everything’, adopting approach after approach without improvement,” says founder of The Dog Training Company, Craig Rice. “Some so-called experts even recommend punishment and harsh treatment of dogs, which can just make problems worse.”

One of the first things to do is check whether your dog’s behaviour could be related to ill health. If you have dog insurance or puppy insurance in place, don’t hesitate to take your dog to the vet. Once a health condition has been ruled out, you can really focus on your training.

“Our approach has been refined and developed over 25 years with 5,000 dogs,” adds Craig. “It’s a flexible, online system that begins with a comprehensive assessment. We’ll teach you the theory of dog training before taking you through practical modules that’ll give you the skills you need to train your dog like a pro. All at a time that suits you.

“We don’t pander to breed traits – it’s all-round training that works for every breed and age of dog. Our training doesn’t rely on the use of treats, expensive training tools or unnecessary medication.

“By the end of the course, your pup’s behaviour will have improved, you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to be a better pet parent, and your bond will be stronger than ever. Most importantly, you’ll have the dog you always dreamed of.”

SPECIAL OFFER – Get The Dog Training Company’s online course worth £110 for FREE!*

When it comes to owning healthy, well-behaved pets, insurance and training go hand in hand.

That’s why Perfect Pet Insurance has teamed up with The Online Dog Training Company to give new customers the chance to access The Dog Training Company’s online training course for just £110!

Pet insurance and good training are essential to ensure your pooch stays happy and healthy for years to come.

Don’t give up on your four-legged friend. Start training the right way, today!

*Terms and conditions apply

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