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The Top 10 Puppy Names 2021

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Author: Craig Gibson

Pet lover and blogger at Perfect Pet Insurance

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Despite rising living costs, puppy ownership and spending show no signs of slowing. Heading into 2022, it’s clear that as Covid restrictions ease, the pet boom is still upon us.

If you too are about to introduce a puppy to the family, then this is undoubtedly an exciting time, and one of the first considerations for many is finding cute puppy names!

As a side note at this stage, remember to puppy proof your home before bringing your furry bundle of energy and curiosity home, you’ll thank us later!

Based on our own data, we’ve compiled our top 10 most popular female puppy names and male puppy names below. If that’s not enough inspiration, then be sure to check out our puppy name generator, which will find you the perfect puppy name in no time!

1. Milo

2. Teddy

3. Buddy

4. Bella

5. Alfie

6. Bailey

7. Max

8. Charlie

9. Lola

10. Luna

Top tips for naming your puppy

First things first, let’s not forget that name you choose should be one that you’re comfortable with. While Alfred von Wigglebottom may get some laughs, just remember you’ll be the one needing to call that out in public on your daily walks.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with some tips to help you choose.

Keep it simple and short

Your loyal four-legged friend will find it easier to learn its name if it’s one syllable, like common commands such as sit and stay.

Avoid names similar to other pets

Try to also avoid names that are similar sounding to commands, you could imagine why Kit is not a popular puppy name!

Can you rename a puppy?

This question seems to pop up a lot. If you’ve purchased your puppy from a breeder or shelter, then they may have been given a name already.

Generally speaking, renaming a puppy is not an issue, as it is unlikely that their given name is overly familiar to them.

If your puppy does not respond to its name after many repetitions, then you should also consider renaming your furry companion. You should do this early in the new relationship with your pet as to not confuse them.

Remember, calling your dog by their name is the ideal way to grab their attention. From a safety viewpoint, there will be situations where you need to get your dog’s attention right away. A task made easier should they be familiar with their name.


Once you’ve chosen a name be sure to use it repeatedly and often to help your pooch learn their new name, which they will be known as for 10-15 years.


In summary, choose something that you and your family love, as it will stick for years to come.  Over time you’ll likely create and form cute nicknames for your new furry family member.

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