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Our wide range of policy options with varying cover limits means that you can choose cover that not only meets your pet’s needs, but your budget too!

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Compare our different types of pet insurance plans

We believe that every pet deserves protection and have created a variety of pet insurance plans to suit different needs and budgets. To help you compare our policy options and make an informed decision about the cover you buy, we’ve summarised the different types of pet insurance policies we offer below:

Lifetime Cover

(Also known as Reinstatement Cover)
Cover that provides ongoing protection for your pet against acute and chronic conditions for the duration of its life. When the policy renews each year, so will the benefit limit that you can claim for vet fees per condition. T&Cs apply.

Benefits:Elite Benefit limit per claim:Elite Extra Benefit limit per claim:Elite Extra Plus
Vet Fees£1,000£4,000£5,000
Third Party Liability£1,500,000£2,500,000£2,500,000
Death from Illness / Accidental Injury£500£1,000£1,000
Overseas Holiday Cover£500£1,000£1,250
Holiday Cancellation£500£1,000£1,250
Theft or Straying£500£1,000£1,250
Advertising and Reward£500£1,000£1,250
Emergency Boarding (Kennel/ Cattery) Fees£500£1,000£1,250
Excess£90 per claim except for Third Party Liability claims where an excess of £250 per claim applies.

Maximum Benefit Cover

Claim for vet fees to treat accidental injuries and illnesses up to a pre-set limit with no time restriction. Once you have exhausted the benefit limit, you won't be able to claim for that particular condition again, even when the policy renews. T&Cs apply.

Benefits:Vital Benefit limit per claim:Vital Extra Benefit limit per claim:
Vet Fees£1,000£4,000
Third Party Liability£1,000,000£1,500,000
Death from Illness / Accidental Injury£500£750
Overseas Holiday Cover£500£750
Holiday Cancellation£500£750
Theft or Straying£500£750
Advertising and Reward£500£750
Emergency Boarding (Kennel/ Cattery) Fees£500£750
Excess£90 per claim except for Third Party Liability claims where an excess of £250 per claim applies.

Time Limited Cover

Insurance that covers vet fees for accidents and illness for a limited period of time. Claim vet treatment costs up to 365 days from the first symptom and/or clinical sign was noticed, or treatment started, whichever happens first. Once the 12 months has passed or the benefit limit reached, no further cover for that condition is provided, even for future renewals. T&Cs apply.

Benefits:Essential Benefit limit per claim:Essential Extra Benefit limit per claim:
Vet Fees£1,000£2,500
Third Party Liability£1,000,000£1,500,000
Death from Illness / Accidental Injury£250£500
Overseas Holiday Cover£250£500
Holiday Cancellation£250£500
Theft or Straying£250£500
Advertising and Reward£250£500
Emergency Boarding (Kennel/ Cattery) Fees£250£500
Excess£90 per claim except for Third Party Liability claims where an excess of £250 per claim applies.

Accident Only

Cover that provides treatment for your pet in the event of a sudden and unexpected accidental injury. Cover for illness is not included. T&Cs apply.

Benefits:Accident Only Benefit limit per claim:
Vet Fees£1,000
Third Party Liability/
Death from Illness / Accidental Injury/
Overseas Holiday Cover/
Holiday Cancellation/
Theft or Straying/
Advertising and Reward/
Emergency Boarding (Kennel/ Cattery) Fees/
Excess£90 per claim.

Pet insurance price comparison

When comparing pet insurance, it’s recommended that you do not base your decision to buy a policy on price alone but choose cover that best meets you and your pet’s needs. That said, you may be wondering about the difference in price between different types of pet insurance. The answer is, the more comprehensive the cover and the higher the benefit limits, the greater the premium. Our Lifetime policies Elite and Elite Extra offer more comprehensive coverage compared to our other plans, whereas Accident Only plans provide limited cover, and are therefore cheaper.

Compare pet insurance quotes online

At Perfect Pet it’s easy to compare pet insurance plans that meet your needs. When you apply online, we will ask questions that help determine which of our policy types are a good fit. For example, if you’re concerned that your pet’s medical conditions will no longer be covered after 12 months, our system will give quotes where cover for medical conditions is not time limited. You will then be able to compare options that meet your criteria, select and purchase right here online.

Choosing the right pet insurance plan

When comparing quotes, we’re sure you will find our policies competitively priced.
However, if you’re unsure of what type of pet insurance to purchase or the level of cover you need, we’re here to help. Click on the links below to visit our pet insurance product pages. Here we breakdown each policy type, explaining how the cover works and what
you need to know, in more depth.

Insurance Plan

Lifetime Cover

You can claim year after year for each illness or accident your pet develops, providing you renew annually with no break in cover.

Insurance Plan

Max Benefit

Protect your pet against injuries and illness up to a pre-set limit with no time restriction, providing the policy is active.

Insurance Plan

Time Limited

Cover your pet for injuries and illness for a limited period up to 365 days.

Insurance Plan

Accident Only

Insure your pet against injuries and complications arising from accidents only.

Pet insurance comparison when you have multiple pets

Insurance costs can soon mount up when you have multiple pets. It can also be frustrating and time consuming when searching for pet insurance quotes to have to repeat the application process, compare cover and purchase separate policies for all your pets. Which is why we have created a multi-pet quotation journey to save you time and money. You can tell us about each of your pets in one simple online application. What’s more, a 15%* multi-pet discount will be applied at checkout when buying Elite, Elite Extra, Vital, Vital Extra, Essential, or Essential Extra policies.

*Multi Pet policies must be purchased direct and at the same time. Accident Only policies are excluded from the multi-pet discount offer.