Lifetime pet insurance for dogs and cats

Cover that provides ongoing protection for your pet against accidents and illnesses

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About our lifetime pet cover

Of all our policies, it’s our lifetime pet insurance (also known as Reinstatement cover) that offers the most comprehensive protection. Lifetime pet insurance is designed to cover a wide range of illnesses and injuries throughout a dog or cat’s life. Chronic and recurring conditions that develop while on cover are carried forward when your policy renews each year, giving you peace of mind and your pet ongoing protection.

Cover available from 4 weeks old

No upper age limit for senior pets

97% of claims
paid in just
5 working days

Over 20 years’ experience in pet insurance

How it works

Buying pet lifetime insurance with us means you can claim for unlimited conditions! Unlike many other lifetime policies available, we don’t have a fixed annual limit. Instead, we apply a limit on the amount you can claim for vet fees on a ‘per condition’ basis. Select our Elite lifetime pet insurance plan for cover up to £1,000 per condition or our Elite Extra policy, giving protection up to £4,000 per condition. When you renew your policy, the limit per condition simply resets for another year. There are many other benefits included with our pet lifetime policies, like cover for emergency boarding. Scroll down to see the full list of benefits.

When to buy

Lifetime pet insurance can be purchased at any time but putting a pet on cover when it’s young and before any chronic medical conditions develop, will give maximum protection as they grow. Bear in mind that any injuries or symptoms of illness that occur before taking out a Perfect Pet policy will not be covered.

Making a claim

Simply download a claims form from our website or by logging into your Perfect Pet account. Once returned to us, we will keep you informed of your claim’s progress. If your vet accepts direct payment, we can deposit funds straight into their account, saving you the hassle of having to pay direct during a stressful time (Subject to claim approval).

Dog Insurance


Dog Insurance

If you’re wanting to protect your dog for the duration of its life, our dog lifetime insurance plans are designed to do exactly that. We take into consideration the types of ailments that different breeds are pre-disposed to along with a dog’s age, so that we can offer fair quotes that meet individual needs.

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Cat Insurance


Cat Insurance

Protecting your cat for life with a Perfect Pet lifetime insurance policy can help you avoid having to pay costly vet bills for both short and long-term illnesses and injuries. Whether you’re insuring a house cat or one that loves to roam outdoors, our aim is to give cat owners peace of mind and value for money. Learn more about cat insurance.

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Included with our lifetime pet insurance policies

We offer two different cover levels, Elite and Elite Extra. Here’s a summary of what’s included:

Cover LevelEliteElite ExtraElite Extra Plus
Vet Fees
We will provide cover for treatment carried out by a Vet that treats an Illness or Accidental Injury suffered by Your pet whilst insured with us.
Third Party Liability
Third party liability provides cover for damages and legal costs where You are found liable in the event Your dog causes death, injury or property damage.
Death from Illness/Accidental Injury
Depending on the age of your pet, we may pay a contribution towards the original purchase price or donation price of Your pet if they die or are put to sleep by Your Vet during the Period of Insurance as a result of an Illness or Accidental Injury.
Overseas Holiday Cover
Oversea Holiday cover provides insurance if Your pet needs emergency Vet Treatment as a result of an Accidental Injury or Illness that first showed Clinical Signs or Symptoms during Your Holiday. This will be dependent on the location and the length of your holiday.
Holiday Cancellation
Holiday cancellation provides cover for the costs incurred in the cancellation of Your pre-booked Holiday of longer than three overnight stays outside the United Kingdom should Your pet need emergency life-saving treatment.
Theft or Straying
Dependent on the age of your pet, we offer cover if your pet is lost or stolen. We may pay a contribution towards the original purchase price or donation price of Your pet if they are lost or stolen during the Period of Insurance and Your pet is not found within 45 days of being lost or stolen.
Advertising and Reward
We will pay the cost of advertising and offering any reward costs should Your pet be lost or stolen.
Emergency Boarding (Kennel/Cattery) Fees
We will provide cover for the costs of boarding Your pet in a licensed boarding kennels or cattery or pet minding business in the event that you need to stay in hospital unplanned for more than 4 consecutive nights.
The amount payable by You towards each and every claim, and as further detailed in Your Schedule.
Accidental Damage (Applicable to Elite Extra cover only)
We provide cover should Your pet cause damage to the personal property of someone who You are visiting with Your Pet.
£90.00 for all claims except Third Party Liability where an excess of £250 per claim applies.

Great cover for entire life of my dog

“Great cover for entire life of my dog, simple to read the small print and a great price, highly recommended this insurance to everyone who loves their dog.”

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Things you should know about lifetime pet cover

When choosing pet insurance, it’s important to make the right decision for your pet, budget and circumstance. So that you know where you stand when buying Perfect Pet lifetime insurance, there are a few important things we think you should be aware of:

New Customers

New Customers

When taking out a Perfect Pet lifetime policy for the first time, a 14-day waiting period at the start of your policy will apply. Any diagnosed illnesses or noted symptoms made during this period will be excluded. Cover for accidents will become active after 5 days.

Policy Renewal

Policy Renewal

When you renew your lifetime pet insurance policy, providing you do not have a break in cover, you will not be subject to any waiting periods and your cover will be continuous. We will remind you 21 days before your policy expires. If agree to Continuous Payment Authority (CPA), your policy will renew automatically unless you tell us otherwise.



To help keep premiums competitive for senior pets, when a dog is 8 years or older and a cat 10 years or older, a contribution towards each vet bill is payable, known as a co-payment. The co-payment amount is 15% in addition to any applicable excess, which will be deducted from the policy limit. At 15% our co-payment amount is one of the lowest around!

Policy Exclusions

Policy Exclusions

Conditions and symptoms that exist before taking out a lifetime pet insurance plan are excluded. This exclusion also applies to conditions that develop and are related in any way to a pre-existing condition. Other exclusions include costs of routine vaccinations and dental/oral treatment unless caused by an accidental injury. A full list of exclusions can be found in our Insurance Policy Information Document.