Multi Pet Insurance for dogs and cats

Cost-efficient pet insurance plans for pet owners with more than one pet

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About our multi pet insurance

Buying insurance for more than one pet can seem like a daunting task. Not only are many insurance policies filled with confusing jargon but arranging an individual plan for each pet can prove to be complicated and pricey in the long run. We offer a discount when you insure more than one pet with us, making our multi pet insurance plans a cost-effective solution to protecting your pet cats and dogs.

Cover available from 4 weeks old

No Upper age limit

97% of claims paid in just 5 working days

Over 20 years’ experience in pet insurance

How it works

Our multi pet insurance plans ensure that your pets are covered should they experience illness or injury and require vet treatment. We also offer plans that can reimburse your expenses for rewards and advertising should one of your beloved pets go missing. We can even help with the costs of holiday cancellation if a pet’s emergency medical treatment prevents you from going away. A 15% multi-pet discount is available when purchasing an Elite, Elite Extra, Vital, Vital Extra, Essential or Essential Extra policy. Simply make sure to tell us about all the dogs and cats you own when getting a quote.

Multi Pet Terms & Conditions

All pets under the same policy must reside at the same address together, with the policyholder
Only policies brought online direct at, by new customers, will receive the multi pet discount
Cover for multiple pets must be purchased at the same time to receive the discount
The discount can be used for both cats and dogs
Accident Only policies are excluded from the multi pet discount offer

Finding the right multi pet insurance plan for your pets

One size doesn’t fit all when insuring pets. This is why we offer a variety of cover options. With our multi-pet plans you can choose from the following cover types.

Lifetime pet insurance

If you’d prefer to protect your pets for the duration of their life, our Lifetime insurance plans are designed to do exactly that.

Maximum Benefit pet insurance

Our Maximum Benefit insurance plans don’t place a time limit on cover. Instead, each condition is given an upper benefit limit which you can claim treatment costs against.

Time Limited pet insurance

Time Limited cover provides reassurance that should your pet develop a condition that requires treatment, you’ll be able to claim costs for up to 12 months from diagnosis.

Been with Perfect Pet for 3 years

““Have been with Perfect Pet for 3 years now and am happy with the service they provide. Whenever I have had to contact them, I have always found them helpful.””

Mrs Jill Lupton

Things you should know about Multi Pet cover

When choosing pet insurance, it’s important to make the right decision for your pet, budget and circumstance. So that you know where you stand when buying Multi Pet insurance, here are some important things to be aware of:

New Customers

New Customers

When taking out a Perfect Pet Multi Pet policy for the first time, a 14-day waiting period at the start of your policy will apply. This means that any diagnosed illnesses or noted symptoms made during this period will not be covered. Cover for accidents will become active after 5 days.

Policy Renewal

Policy Renewal

When you renew your Multi Pet insurance policy, providing you do not have a break in cover, you will not be subject to any waiting periods and will have continuous cover. We will remind you 21 days before your policy expires. If you agree to Continuous Payment Authority (CPA), we will renew your policy automatically unless you tell us otherwise.



To help keep premiums competitive for senior pets, when your dog is 8 years or older and a cat 10 years or older, a contribution towards each vet bill is payable, known as a co-payment. The co-payment amount is 15% in addition to any applicable excess, which will be deducted from the policy limit. At 15% our co-payment amount is one of the lowest around!

Policy Exclusions

Policy Exclusions

Conditions and symptoms that exist before taking out a Multi Pet insurance plan are excluded. This exclusion also applies to conditions that develop and are related in any way to a pre-existing condition. Other exclusions include costs of routine vaccinations and dental / oral treatment unless caused by an accidental injury. A full list of exclusions can be found in our Insurance Policy Information Documents.